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All power stations are shown by default. You can also filter by type, status and capacity using the buttons below, and they will show on the map and in a list at the bottom of this panel. At the end of the result list you can see how many power stations meet your criteria and the equivalent total generating capacity in Megawatts (MW).

Click on the power station name in the result list and the map will zoom onto the location of the power station.

Type of data included

This map contains locations of Queensland’s existing power stations with greater than 1 MW installed capacity with information about fuel type, size (MW), ownership, commissioned date and data source. For remote/isolated areas only major generating facilities have been included. Geothermal facilities of capacity less than 1MW have also been included.

The map also displays proposed power generating facilities publicly announced by project developers. Some publicly announced projects may not proceed to construction.

The data has been compiled by the Department of Energy and Climate from a range of public sources, including public notification of development applications on local government authorities websites.

Positional accuracy

Most latitudes and longitudes of existing power stations were determined using Google Earth TM geospatial information. Where two or more power stations exist at the same location they have been deliberately separated to prevent the points plotting on top of one another. The positions of proposed power generating facilities are not accurate and mostly represent the general locality of the proposed facility.


The material on this map is provided for general information only. Maps and images on this website are not intended for navigation or to precisely locate any particular feature. While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, the Department of Energy and Climate makes no representations or warranties about its accuracy, reliability, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose and disclaims all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses (including loss of profit, opportunity, data or goodwill), damages (including indirect or consequential damage) and costs which might be incurred as a result of reliance on this map or as a result of the information being inaccurate or incomplete in any way and for any reason.

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Dataset last updated 01/09/2023


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Selected fuel types
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  • Transmission network
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  • Gas pipelines
Current status
  • Existing, proposed and under construction
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